10 Easy, Cheap and Simple Ways to Decongest, Organize and Create Space in Your Kitchen

  1. The Caddy- Jack of All Trades: Sponge Holder, Cup Holder, Soap and Scrubber Holder and Cleaning Brush Holder 

Everybody hates the idea of storing soaps, sponges, and scrubbers all in one container. The fact that these items are supposed to be stored wet as they slowly dry means that there are high chances of making the kitchen stuffy and producing funny odors. However, a quick solution to fixing the problems of smelly soaps, scrubbers, sponges and scrubbing brushes is in acquiring the Buytra Sponge Holder, Kitchen Sink Caddy Suction Cup Holder for Sponges, Soap, Scrubbers, Cleaning Brush holder Caddy. You can get this amazing sponge holder, cup holder, soap and scrubber holder, and cleaning brush holder from amazon at very affordable rates.

The kitchen Caddy is a modern design that ensures you keep your washing items safely and cleanly.


  • The holder is made of plastic that is environment-friendly and non-toxic; therefore, it is easy to use and clean
  • The item is small in size, and its compact design saves space as it comfortably fits in a corner near the sink
  • The suction cup enables the caddy to be immobile making it easy to use and fix
  • Enough drainage slots to keep the sponges and scrubbers dry
  • The front side has a hole and depression to hold brushes and other items with holders
  • The caddy design allows water to flow into the sink, keeping your sink dry


  • Just like any other plastic items, keep it away from fire
  • The color may fade after sometime

Get the Buytra Sponge Holder, Kitchen Sink Caddy Suction Cup Holder for Sponges, Soap, Scrubbers, Cleaning Brush today and solve your kitchen sink problems.

  1. Light, Spacious, and Strong Stainless Steel Wrap Stands

We tend to leave paper towels on kitchen countertops. These sheets can easily get soaked or dirty since they are exposed to dust, water and other forms of dirt in the kitchen. Also, kitchen towels are supposed to be kept dry and clean at all times, and that is why it is not advisable to fold and keep them in drawers. A simple way of decongesting the kitchen countertops and getting rid of the idle kitchen and paper towels is by using the Kamenstein Perfect Tear Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder, Stainless Steel. You can get the Kamenstein Perfect Tear Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder here.

The paper holder will provide adequate room for all the sheets used in the kitchen. Please note that it is essential to ensure only the used towels are hanged on the holder. The rest of the unused towels can be stored in drawers and other concealed places.


·         The towel is tightly held to prevent unraveling

·         The holder can be mounted vertically or horizontally to create more space

·         Easy to use with one hand since the paper easily tears correctly

·         One-size-fits-all- the holder’s wires are flexible, and any paper size can fit

·         Made of stainless steel, strong and durable


·         The screws to mount the paper holder might be too long for some cabinets

·         The holder exposes the towels, and this might attract playful cats that may destroy the towels

  1. Cheap and Affordable Stainless Steel Mug Tree Stand, Mug Holder and Cup Drying Rack Stands

This stainless mug tree stand, mug holder and cup drying rack is just the perfect solution to ensuring that your mugs are kept dry and without that funny odor caused by poor air circulation as a result of storing them in locked places. The holder helps to keep  shelves and cupboards clean and organized and saves a lot of kitchen space.

Our kitchens overflow with cups on countertops, sinks and other areas. Sometimes is challenging to find the right place to place the mugs knowing that you need them very often. Previously, I used to store cups in cabinets and drawers but later realized that some of them, especially the heavy brands became stuffy with a funny smell. Mugs are challenging to store since they easily fall and break. In some cases, we are left with the choices of either locking them in cupboards or storing them in racks. In both cases, the mugs are never secure. The stainless mug tree stand, mug holder, and cup drying racks are available in different shapes and can accommodate many cups depending on your preference.

Buy the cups rack organizer and save your kitchen space, keep your kitchen neat and organized.

Make sure to hang your cups and mugs upside down for proper drying and ensuring there is adequate space for all the hooks to be used. You can get a piece of this creative innovation from Amazon stores at very low and affordable prices.


  • The mug rack stand is made of stainless tell, and this guarantees you durability
  • The stand can be firmly placed on kitchen counters; coffee tables or cabinet tops
  • Has a capacity of holding up to 15 mugs, cups or glasses
  • Has a long hook that comfortably supports most sizes of mugs
  • Its vertical design saves space and adds stability for the mugs
  • Can be used to store gloves and mittens too


  • Once knocked, all the cups might fall and break, so keep it in safe positions
  • Small cups and mugs without handles cannot be supported
  1. Strong and Durable Heavy Duty Cast Pan Organizer, Rack, and Holder

Storing pans is hectic. That I must admit because of the many challenges I experienced before landing on the extreme matters heavy duty pan rack and organizer. The 5-tier pan rack became a blessing in my kitchen and I no longer worried about how to keep pans safe and dry and to ensure that they do not get in contact with each other. The pan rack organizer allows you to place and remove the pans depending on your urgency easily.

Usually, I prefer storing the pans from large ones at the bottom and small lighter ones at the top tiers respectively. You should see how much space I can save by just using a 5-tier pan rack that accommodates all sizes of pans and has a lot of space for easy placement and removal of pans.

Also, your pans will dry slowly and correctly since there is free movement of air between them. There is no possibility of the pans tumbling since the base of the pan rack is stronger, and its wide horizontal structure increases the stability of the rack.


  • Allows you to store up to 5 pans
  • Can be used horizontally and vertically-both ways save space and create a neat
  • No screws or fastenings involved (unless you prefer to do so), it is a buy and use rack
  • Made from premium and durable metal that does not scratch the pans and pots
  • Easy to clean and dry


  • Heavy to lift when all pans are placed in case you want to clean the area
  • the lower and middle tiers do not accommodate tall pans due to their heights
  • The panhandles protrude from the rack, and this exposes them to knocks
  1. Securing Wine Caps Perfectly Hung on Stemware Holders

Have you ever wanted to take your favorite wine or serve it to guests only to realize that one or most of your wine glasses have broken edges, chips or no base? That is precisely what prompted me to go shopping for the best and strongest wine glass rack. Luckily I landed on this  Organize it All Large Chrome Stemware Holder. Today, I no longer have to worry or suffer the embarrassment of having few wine glasses since some have broken edges.

You too can neatly and safely store your wine glasses in this affordable rack that can hold up to 12 standard wine glasses of different sizes.  Your kitchen or office should look more organized and neat when the Organize it All Large Chrome Stemware Wine Glass Holder is perfectly mounted.

You should get this rack soon to enjoy the benefits of safe storage of wine glasses.


  • Your delicate stemware is securely and safely protected from scratches and breakages
  • Durable- the rack is made of stainless steel
  • The surface is made of sleek and shiny chrome that is stylish and beautiful
  • It is easy to mount under any kitchen cabinets
  • Light in weight


  • Cannot be mounted on the wall
  • Requires cabinets that are located high so that the rack can be mounted beneath it
  1. Decongest Your Kitchen and Office Using the Coffee Caddy Organizer

I love taking coffee and snacking while at work or home relaxing, reading my favorite novels or watching television. However, sometimes it is challenging to concentrate on entertaining myself while paying attention to the mug of coffee besides me. Other times, my paperwork gets distorted by a few coffee drops or my desk becomes too overloaded that I cannot adequately concentrate on my work or find a missing pencil. However, these challenges ended the day I bought the Mind Reader Coffee Condiment and Accessories Caddy Organizer.

This was one of my best and wise purchases of the year. I cleared all the clutter on my desk just by simply using the coffee caddy. Here is the secret to maximizing the coffee and paper caddy’s space. Ensure you arrange all the items according to their shapes and sizes. Stirrers can all fit in one compartment while cups and mugs on the others. Place your napkins away from the coffee mugs and always place the items you use more frequently closer to you.

Keep non-liquids away from the liquids.


·         Made of plastic and this means it is very light

·         Modern decor and half-cone design enables you to see all the items and place them in order of urgency and need

·         The rubber grippers at the base keep the caddy firmly in place

·         Jack-of-all coffee accessories (cups, stirrers, napkins, and sugar)


·         Made of plastic-keep it out of fire

·         Should not be placed near the edges of tables or cabinets since they can quickly fall when knocked

  1. Beautiful Storey and Basket Fruit Holders

Doctors recommend that we take fruits regularly, more than any other meals. We value fruits, and that is why we spend so much money shopping for naturally healthy and delicious fruits. However, storing fruits is sometimes challenging, especially when you have a small kitchen or office yet you need to keep the fruits for a long time. Sometimes, storing fruits in completely sealed places fastens ripening, yet we cannot eat all the ripe fruits at once. Also, fruits may go stale if they are not stored properly. Worry no more. Amazon has a surprise for you. The heavy-duty basket and the 3-tier basket will help you keep the fruits safe and fresh while saving a lot of the kitchen space.

The 3-tier fruit basket has plenty of space between the tiers to allow you to store many fruits.

The heavy-duty basket fruit bowl will enable you to store many fruits at the lower tier and hang bananas on the hook at the upper side.

You can mount the baskets on the wall, but this will require modification. The bowl does not only create space but also brings out the beauty of nature’s differentiation.


  • Sturdy steel structure guarantees durability
  • The small bowls can be used as serving pieces
  • Sleek and trendy design that is eye-catching
  • Vertical storage saves space
  • Fruits can be stored depending on their types and ripening rates
  • Vertical storage saves a lot of kitchen space


  • The baskets are open, and this exposes the fruits
  • Cannot store many large and delicate fruits such as pawpaws and watermelons
  • The baskets may be too large for some countertops
  1. Simple, Flexible and Movable Cabinet Door Storage Options

Chopping boards, splatter screens, baking trays, and pan covers may sometimes be hectic storing in places you can easily remember. We usually prefer storing them along the walls of kitchen cabinets or let them lean on the walls. We have been doing wrong all this time and torturing our utensils. Sometimes you just forget where you kept the chopping board or pan covers yet it is staring right at you. Amazon has a quick and easy solution for storing all flat kitchen items such as splatter screens, baking trays, chopping boards and pan covers. Over-the cabinet lid organizer and cabinet organizers can help save and create more kitchen space for you

Cabinet Organizer– Amazon.com

Similarly, you can save a lot of kitchen space by mounting racks on cabinet doors. The cabinet organizer and over-the-cabinet lid organizer are mounted at the back of cabinet doors to allow you to see and quickly pick any item.

Cabinet Organizer– Amazon.com

Amazon offers an adjustable bakeware rack organizer that ensure you save space and diversify the use of kitchen units.

The adjustable bakeware can be mounted like the cabinet organizer at the back of cabinet doors or on the wall, to allow you to safely and neatly store the baking trays.


  • Both the cabinet organizer and adjustable back ware racks save space
  • Light in weight
  • Offer storage for multiple items
  • The bakeware rack is adjustable to create more space for larger pans


  • Cannot be mounted on any cabinet door, measure the thickness of your cabinet door before purchasing
  • Cannot store awkwardly shaped or heavy items
  1. Friendly and Easy to Fix Hooked Wall Rails

Have you ever entered a garage and wondered why the mechanics have to hang most of their tools or spare parts on hooks along the walls? Or do you know why butcheries hang meat on hooks yet they can safely and healthily store them in other places? The answer is simple. Everybody wants to save space and have enough of it while comfortably working. Removing clutter from the kitchen table is the first step to ensuring you are safe while preparing healthy foods. The kitchen wall can offer a perfect storage for pans, and pots. Stop driving nails into your walls and take advantage of Amazon’s WALLNITURE Gourmet Kitchen Wall Mount Rail Pot Pan Lid Holder Rack and 10 Hooks Silver 24 Inch.

You can store all your pans and pots by just hanging them on the wall rails.

The rails have hooks that allow you to attach these items without worrying about them falling. You can easily hang the pans on the hooks and store their lids between the wall and rail.


·         There is space  for gloves, aprons and other kitchen items that can be hanged

·         Beautiful display, you can see all your items at a glance

·         Multipurpose- you can use it  to hang towels, umbrellas, coats and other items


·        Not easy to get a pan using one hand, especially if there is more than one layer

·         Chances of blocking smaller and thin pans from view are high

  1. Free up more kitchen space using Canned Food Storage Organizer for Kitchen Pantry, Cabinet

We love canned fruits, drinks, and food. The idea of popping or cracking a can to get a cold drink or canned food after a long day’s work makes us want to store a lot of canned foods. However, the kitchen space does not allow us the luxury to purchase and keep dozens of canned foods. The countertops should be the last place to think about when storing canned foods. Amazon offers a simple yet effective solution to the problem of an overburdened kitchen table. The mDesign Canned Food Storage Organizer for Kitchen Pantry, Cabinet is an ideal storage for cans and enables you to not only save kitchen space but also make the kitchen attractive and organized.

The canned food storage organizer allows you to store cans and avoid the tumbling of other items when reaching out for others. You can buy several can organizers and store similar items in one can.


·         Easy to arrange canned foods according to expiration dates, those with more extended dates are placed at the lower and furthest ends

·         Transparent- you can see and  count the number and type of food cans you have

·         Vertical storage saves space

·         The organizer enables you to carry many cans at once easily

·         Can easily be cleaned using mild soap and water


·         Made of BPA- Free plastic- Cannot be dish-washed

·         Easily breaks when it falls

  It is easy to keep your kitchen spacious, organized and neat; however, you should be ready to commit always to strive to improve the appearance of your kitchen. Vertical storage saves more space and allows you to see almost every item you have stored in an organizer. Spending some money to save space and transform the appearance of your kitchen will give you the much-desired peace of mind.

  • January 2, 2018
Malon Kelly

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